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Pujante horticultural store
Fresh fruit juice from Saint Andiol
Saint-Andiol, Cabannes & Verquières The Tree

These three typical small villages have a very dense and well organised irrigation system. In this green triangle, nature is generous and you will find plenty of lovely sites to wander by foot or on your bike, protected by the shade of numerous trees.

In this arboriculture land sun-drenched fruit trees orchards are numerous and produce wonderful apples, cherries, apricots, pears... In Saint-Andiol, you can buy some delicious freshly made fruit juices.

Contact :
Saint Andiol Tourism Office
Lou Mistrau
Tel. 04 90 95 48 95
Cabannes City Hall
Tel. 04 90 90 40 40


Verquières City Hall
Tel. 04 90 90 22 50