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All year round, the « Provence Prestige » Paths association offers a selection of visits or events to discover our region by its different specialties.

Come and meet local craftsmen, taste regional products, visit typical industries, be initiated to Provence know-how, participate in original cultural activities and traditional events…

Let the women and men that live and work here passionately, tell you more about their region.

The « Provence Prestige » Paths association binds together 18 towns and villages around Arles.  Through this partnership, each one of them has decided to put forward a theme relevant to its history, its identity and to offer quality activities, visits, trips and events linked to this theme.

The birth of this association
The « Provence Prestige » Paths association was created in 1992 by the Business and Industry Department of Arles.  Its aims at economically developing Arles and the surrounding towns and villages, through a unique tourist offer. 

Every city and village member of this association chooses a theme relevant to its history and identity. The association helps them present their specialty. The goal is simple: helping the village or city to become a focal point concerning this theme, thus bringing in tourists interested in this theme as well as helping new activities to develop: craftsmen, businesses…

Today the association comprises 18 towns and villages. Get off the beaten tracks: come and discover what they do best.